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Devil Dog Single Serve Pack  (Item #: H4005)
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Information About Devil Dog Single Serve Pack
Think slow air roasted- not freeze dried – not instant—not a plastic container like the others! Never ‘FLASH ROASTED!’ We slow air roast the South American Style.  We don’t have to cut cost because we don’t have to worry about stockholders just QUALITY at Devil Dog! Eco-Friendly – Only use what you need.  No packaging waste! We start with only 100% Arabica Select “A” beans, always then air roast then grind to a drip grind to give you a cup of coffee so tasty you will think, ‘Where have you been all my life!!!!’  Take it with you to use in your hotel or motel coffee maker. Add only as many filter bags you need packages as cups you brew. Drop it in your travel mug, steep for 3 – 5 minutes, discard the filter. Take it camping & just drop it into your pot, boil and discard the ground to Mom Nature & toss the filter in your camp fire! 6 Single Serve pouches per pack.
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