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Cocoa Canard Celebriduck, Spooning Chocolate & Mug Set  (Item #: H3003)
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Price: $35.95

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Information About Cocoa Canard Celebriduck, Spooning Chocolate & Mug Set
The Espresso of hot chocolate has finally arrived.  Cocoa Canard's new Spooning Chocolate is the first dairy and gluten free pure non-bitter dark chocolate to instantly melt in a cup of hot water with such a richness that you will never miss the milk.  It's a silky refined version of the pure melted hot chocolate drinks originally served in old world chocolate houses.  We call it Spooning Chocolate as it's so luxurious you will want to eat it with a spoon and someone you love. We even created a Spooning Mug gift set, to enjoy this "spooning affaire."  To add to your gift giving fun, your gift set also includes a famous Celebriducks Cocoa Canard!

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