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Rubber Ducks
What's bigger than a bread basket but floats and quacks when you squeeze it?  The Jumbo sized ducks from Quacker Gift Shop of course!  These big duckies rule the pond around here.  From 5' to a whopping 18' tall, the jumbo sized ducks are a great big bunch of duckie fun.  Perfect for big time duck lovers, to baby sized friends - a jumbo Sized Duck will surely be your friend for a lifetime.
(829)thumb_mommy duckie and babies.jpg
Duckie Family Set
Our Price: $10.00
(198)thumb_jumbo duckie.jpg
Jumbo Bath Duckie
Our Price: $11.95
(439)thumb_jumbo duckie(1).jpg
Squeaky The Duck
Our Price: $11.95
(264)thumb_wild west.jpg
XL Cowboy Duck
Our Price: $6.00

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