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Our Story

What started out as an artisan soap company has turned into so much more! Founded in 2005, The Soapbox Company set out to create unique exfoliating soaps made of natural soap bases and essential oils as well as natural exfoliants such as Botanicals, Loofah and sea salts. Over time, at the request of our customers we started to expand our lines. We wondered, what goes in the tub when soaking and unwinding after a long hard day? The answer was pretty clear, Duckies! With that we started to combine our products by embedding ducks in soap, it was an instant hit. Then they would ask about duckies without the soap, they liked that a lot more!!! We began to find different sources and set out to create the most quacktacular duckie company around.

In 2008 we created the Quacker Gift Shop. The passion for soap still remains- focused on world class soaps-we call it Delish Bodyworks. We strive to bring variety, quality and service to the world of duckies. In August of 2009 we opened our first retail store located in Englewood, CO on the famous shopping boulevard, South Broadway. We know there are other places to get your duckies, but we guarantee, no one tries harder than the Quacker team to give you options, service and a fair price, all in one place!

On the weekends we would travel to fairs, festivals, markets and craft shows. There is no better joy than to see the smiles on the faces of customers when they see all of our duckies in one happy place, ducks in a row so to speak! During the week, we fill the store with new ducks, ship our orders and look for unique duckies to add to our ever growing collection. If that wasn't enough, we spend every other moment with children and pursuing advanced degrees in human communications and business.

In May of 2011 we opened our second store in Manitou Springs, CO  This historic town located at the base of Pikes Peak has been featured in the New York Times as the "Hippy Mayberry of the west".  As it turns out, our duckies are just quirky enough to fit right in.

We opened our Grand Lake, CO location in May of 2012.  At the west entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park an the shores of Colorado's largest natural lake, duckies have become a favorite in this rustic mountain community.  Our staff in Grand Lake is known to welcome our guests with an enthusiastic, "Duck on in!" greeting.

In 2013, our Delish Bodyworks division introduced two new lines: Boots Up Bath & Body and Spirit Lake Bodyworks.  With fresh new fragrance blends and a sassy and artistic flavor, these wonderful body products are now sold nationwide in boutiques, gift shops and hotels.

Our internet and wholesale operations happen at our Manitou Springs location.  Our future projects include Quacker Baby - duckie bath gifts for infants, toddlers and parents; Quacker Bouquet - where the smile never ends; and Quacker Originals - hand painted duckie collectibles.  We are constantly growing the number of duck races we support and are always looking for ways to bring more of our unique brand of happiness to the world.

We hope you enjoy the site. It was a blast to build. Keep coming back; we'll always strive to keep it fresh, fun and easy to use. We like to tell people, "welcome to the most quacktacular place on earth!"

Quack on-have a duckie day!

Jennifer and Steve

Your Quacky Guides

Steve & Jennifer

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