Welcome to the new Quacker Gift Shop! Many years ago, we dreamt that our little duck tent at festivals would one day turn into a regular duckie empire! We started opening stores, only to find that building a business is not as easy as we ever imagined it would be. The little fellow has been good to us, our family and all of the visitors who have enjoyed their waddle through our duck shops. For over ten years, we wanted to make our website reflect the happiness, joy and fun of a rubber duck store online. The new Quacker Gift Shop will be a place for you to stop, visit and share the fun we strive to share with every visitor that walks through our stores. Today we embark on the next chapter of our growing. We are hatching the newest member of our flock – Rubber Duck Stop. A dedicated store online where you can get your duckie fix, one, two or more at a time! That’s what the Rubber Duck Stop is all about. Quackergiftshop.com will still be a place where you can find out all about our duckie business – stores, duck race information, wholesale opportunities and all the fun we have been known for. Our new Rubber Duck Stop will be just that – your online stop for all things rubber duck. Stop back often to see what we are dreaming up next. You never know what little waddler may just one day appear!

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